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Getting Started with SX-PokeGo

Jailbreak with checkra1n

Use checkra1n to jailbreak your compatible iPhone for free on MacOS and Linux.

Jailbreak with unc0ver

Install unc0ver onto your compatible iPhone for free with Sideloadly or Altstore.

Preparing Environment

  1. Once jailbroken, open Cydia and select "Complete Upgrade".

  2. Re-open Cydia and add the following repos as sources:



  3. Re-open Cydia and install the "KernByPass (Unofficial)" tweak and "Sx-PokeGo" or "Sx-PokeGo Beta" if you have an active VIP membership.

  4. Download Pokemon Go from the App Store.

  5. Open Settings, scroll to KernByPass and enable "kernbypassed". Tap "Enable KernByPass" followed by "Yes".

  6. Check Pokemon Go to enable KernByPass for it.

  7. Open the SX dashboard and login with the account you created with the SX Admin.

  8. Under the Settings tab, type in the ID provided by the Pokemon Go app in the "Unique ID" field.

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